Track Your Pain

Track Your Pain is a mobile application that aims to address the growing opioid epidemic by helping patients with chronic pain manage their pain and opioid prescriptions. 

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Track Your Pain

Track Your Pain is a mobile application that helps patients with chronic pain track and manage their pain. The app provides patients a simple platform to help them log their pain to help facilitate the communication between patients and their healthcare providers. 



Pain Journal Entry 

The central function of the app is to help patients keep a log of their pain so the central interface is a simple journal entry platform that allows users to keep track of the location and intensity of their chronic pain. 


Home screen 


Locate pain 


Rate pain on a scale from 1-10


Add notes to the entry



Video Prototype: Full Entry 




Video Prototype: Entry with Multiple Pain Points

Users have the ability to log multiple pain points of different intensity levels at the same time. 



Video Prototype: Access to Data During Entry

Users can easily access their past data during their entry should they need to reference it. When looking at past data a tab will remind them that a journal entry is in progress.




Along with the journal entry feature the app features other resources to help patients manage their pain and to draw them back to the app. The app includes a medication log patines can use to keep track of their opioid prescriptions and a data log so that they can easily access their data to communicate their pain to their doctor. Other features could include a FAQ section or resources of palliative pain management. 



Video Prototype: Access to Resources

Resources like past data and the medication log are easily accessible from the home page. 




The app would also give users regular notifications to track their pain to help make logging entries as easy as possible


Try the prototype 



Addressing the opioid Epidemic

Track Your Pain was developed as a part of a larger project addressing the opioid epidemic through a class on design and social change. This was a semester-long project that involved lots of research and activities to learn more about the epidemic and form different solutions. For my project I focused on opioid use to manage chronic pain. The app addresses the opioid epidemic by helping facilitate communication between doctors and nurses to curb opioid misuse by patients with chronic pain. 

The research process for this project was extensive. To learn more about that process view the presentation used to present the final app or read the process book on Issu. 


View the presentation

Read the process book on Issuu