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Reach Campaign 

Illustration/Socially Conscious Design 

This past semester I was a part of a team of students that worked with the Center for Community Health Partnership and Research (CCHPR) from the Washington University School of Medicine to redesign their tabling materials for their Reach initiative. The initiative goes out in to the Saint Louis community to advocate for and get community members involved with medical research studies. The center aims to ensure that everyone within the diverse Saint Louis community is represented in medical research and works to connect doctors and researchers with community members and resources. CCHPR came to us asking us to redesign the materials they used when tabling in the community. 

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Redesigning the tabling materials involved both reworking the visuals and the messaging. The materials CCHPR was using where dense and overwhelming so we looked for a way to focus the information and make it more approachable.

We honed the message of the Reach initiative to the tagline "What's your reach?" to make a bold statement to draw viewers in with the sub-headline "Impact Community Health" to make the core goals of the initiative clear.

We paired the materials down to one small booklet that explained what CCHPR does, a card that fit inside the booklet that explained how community members could sign up for a research study, a larger poster that showed what the different kinds of research studies where, a large poster, a table cloth, and a decal for the center's van to draw viewers in. 


View the full pamphlet on Issuu 

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Within our group, I was responsible for creating illustrations and icons alongside helping to create the other materials. I wanted to create illustrations that were approachable and fun to help break up the dense information. The illustrations where used on each spread of the pamphlet, on the poster, and on the table cloth. I also created a system of icons that where used to help explain the process of getting involved in research studies and to show the different research kinds of research studies. 



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The process for this project involved lots of research including shadowing a tabling shift and user testing. The illustrations and icons also went through several rounds of edits. Find more about our design process by reading our process book. 



Read the process book on Issuu

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These materials are currently in production, so check back for updates as the final versions are created! 

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