As the show artist for Black Anthology I had the opportunity to create the show art for 2018 show 1:05. Each year Black Anthology puts on a show celebrating black culture and addressing race relations. The show art each year reflects the content of the play and is used on all promotional materials, advertising, and merchandise for the show.  


Black Anthology Show Art 2018.png

Designed with the Show in Mind

 This year's show, unlike many past shows, does not have one core focus. While the show does focus on domestic violence in the black community, it more broadly explores the challenges and intersectional experiences of oppression that Black women face.  

To relate to this concept I wanted to create and image made of several smaller ones. The final show image consists of two parts: one that is a logo for 1:05 featuring small illustrations of the two main characters and one that is a larger image made up of smaller images, each of which relates to an aspect of scene from the show. Those smaller images come together to create one the larger image of the main character of the play in profile. 



The title and show art were released this past December on social media using a video that reveled the show art. The video includes an animation I created that shows the pieces of the show art coming together to create the full image. 

The video was created with help from the amazing Caroline Schmidt