Diversity Wall


Diversity Wall 

Illustration/Environmental Graphic Design 

This summer I helped the Saint Louis design collaborative Arcturis redesign their office's diversity wall. As a part of their diversity initiative, Arcturis had a wall in the office where they would highlight different identities and groups of people each month to champion the excellence of artists and architects from all different backgrounds. While the information shared on the wall was different each month, we wanted to create a graphic for the wall that could be on the wall permanently. To do so, I created an illustrated graphic that took up the whole wall while still leaving space for the changing information. The graphic features a fun and colorful infographic-esk isometric illustration that celebrates diversity. 



The illustrations included in the graphic include different several different connected "islands" meant to represent the intersectionality and complexity of identity. The illustration also includes several different symbols and references to different kinds of identity as well as symbolic references through several different diverse landscapes. There are also some illustrations that reference Saint Louis, included specific architecture, and Arcturis itself. All of these elements combined paint a rich picture of diversity that is fun and engaging. 





Illustrations of People 



Main "Island"  and Environment Illustrations



Environment Illustrations



Illustrations of Saint Louis


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